April 2020 Release Notes

We’ve made improvements to our platform to enhance the way you not only view and print your org charts, but also giving you more control over important details and ways to organize your charts. 

gif EK org chart orientation

Take a walk through your org chart structure   

Have more control over how you view ownership structures in your org chart. We have updated our org chart builder so you can quickly switch views between different entities and owners with just a couple of clicks. If you are viewing an ownership structure and would like to view a structure within it, all you need to do is click on the entity itself, and your org chart will immediately switch the view.   

That’s not the only view you can change, you can now change the display direction of your org chart: top-down, down-top, left-right, right-left. Along with the option to change node placement by drag and drop as well as zoom in or out.

EK org chart percentage gif

Easily view ownership percentages & values 

We are constantly adding customization options to our org chart builder, so you have more options that work best for your needs. When we discovered that many of our customers want the ownership percentage prominent on their charts, we got to work. You can now toggle on the percentage feature, which will allow you to view the percentage of ownership from entity to entity. The percent of ownership will show up on the relationship line in an easy to read format.   

You can now also toggle on and off cost basis and current values for both individuals and totals. When working in your org chart, if you would like to see the total amount invested, you can simply toggle on total cost basis and it will show in the entity node. To view individual cost basis and current value, toggle on and the values will show up on the relationship line between entities.  

EK org chart title gif

It’s all in the printing details   

Need to title your org chart based on who you are sharing it with? Before printing your org chart to share with others, you can title your org chart, allowing you to customize it the way you want. Needing multiple versions of one chart? Customize it the way you need and title it to keep track of different versions.   

Need to see the details bigger? Our newest release has enlarged the text and structure to make it easier to read and view your org chart when printed.     

As we said, it’s all in the details, which is why you can now add your logo and the date to your org chart. When you print your org chart, your logo will appear in the bottom left corner and date in the bottom right. 

gif click (i) information button

How you see your information within the org chart  

There are times when two screens are better than one – this is one of those times. To make it easier for our customers to view entity information while still viewing their org chart, we have added an information button (i). As you click on the information button, all info about that particular entity will pull up on the right side of the screen, giving you the ability to view your org chart and detailed information at the same time.  

We know that seeing all your entity information is important, especially when it comes to viewing and sharing org chart information. We have updated our text box within the org charts to show entity names in a clean way by having longer names show on two lines.