March 2020 Release Notes


Org Charts Made Easy

Creating org charts to visualize ownership structure is a necessary, but very manual process. With EntityKeeper’s redesigned org chart builder you can now automatically create and update org charts in minutes. 


Automate Your Org Chart

Automate Your Org Chart

Gone are the days of manually updating your org chart in PowerPoint or Excel. Your org charts are automatically built and updated directly from the data you have in EntityKeeper. The org chart builder pulls information from different tabs in your account like bank accounts, jurisdictions, and owners to make updates right away. Now you can view everything you need in one chart without jumping from document to spreadsheet. This type of automation will save hours of manual time traditionally spent building and making updates to your org chart.  


Even More Customization

Even More Customization

We know that every company has different needs, so we built the redesigned org chart feature to give you more control and customization. In the redesigned builder, you can control what details you see in your chart with the ability to toggle on and off information like parent company, formation state, EIN, total cost basis, and much more.  

 Need to make edits to the structure? Drag and drop your entities to your desired positioning within the org chart by clicking and dragging so the table structure is to your liking 

 Organize and label with colors: Assign colors to entity type and relationship lines to organize org charts to your needs.  

Filter What you want

Filter by What You Want to See

Have complete control of the view of your org chart by filtering certain data points like entity type, incorporation date, ownership percentages, or your own custom tags. The ability to filter data in your org chart helps you visualize different views of structure in just a few clicks. For example, if you’re only interested in seeing a person’s name that’s associated with an entity, you can hide information like ownership percentage and state of ownership.  

Want to save different filtered views? No problem. Users have the ability to save different filtered views for easy comparison or sharing.  

 Share your org chart with colleagues, clients, and partners by easily scaling your chart for printing and exporting as a PDF. With all these great new features, we are putting the control back in your hands and helping you save time (and headaches) in the process.