May 2020 Release Notes

New Release Notes - illustration woman working

We are always working to make sure our customers have what they need to successfully manage their entities. We have made a few updates to make your life easier when it comes to viewing and organizing your entity information.   

gif hiding entities

Hide entities within your org chart  

Some information is better unseen, which is why you now have the option to hide your entities. When working in your org chart, if you want to hide an entity, you can simply do so by clicking on the “eye” icon in the top right of the node. Once you click the hide option, the entity, along with any entity associated in a relationship, will be hidden. Changed your mind? Simply click the + button, and the entity and all affiliated data will be visible. This is useful for users who want full control over viewing and hiding certain entity information.  

gif adding shapes in entities

Organize by shapes  

We are all about creating org charts that fit YOUR needs. This is why our newest feature release helps with organization and is one more way for you to customize. You can now associate shapes with entities. In order to help identify the type of entity you are viewing, you can designate a shape based on entity type, entity name, formation state, personnel, or tag. Once you choose a shape, it will show up in the individual entity node next to the entity name. When it comes time to share your org chart, your shapes will show on your printed org chart.   

gif international phone numbers

Add international numbers   

Have officers or entities outside of the United States? Customers now have the ability to add international phone numbers into the personnel tabs. All phone numbers that are added are validated, so you know your information is always accurate.